ChexSystems is a check verification service and credit reporting agency which collects information like checking account applications, openings, closures, NSF information as well as reasons for account closures.

When you apply for a new checking or savings account, 80% of banks and credit unions will pull your ChexSystems report and refer to this database before they approve the new account.

ChexSystems contain consumer banking data for the last 5 years of history with a focus on information like check overdrafts, unsettled balances, depositing fraudulent checks, or suspicious account handling.

If you have been denied for a checking or savings account you will want to order a free copy of your free ChexSystems report.

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In accordance with the FCRA, the company will provide you with one free report every 12 months. The company will also provide a free report if an adverse action is taken against you based on information in your report or under other specific circumstances.

You can order your free report from ChexSystems via the following;

Click here to order your free ChexSystems report

Call 800-428-9623 to order your report over the phone

Complete the application linked here and fax it to 602-659-2197

Complete, print and mail the report request form and mail it to:
Chex Systems, Inc.
Attn: Consumer Relations
7805 Hudson Road, Suite 100
Woodbury, MN 55125

If you have derogatory information in your ChexSystems report you can work on removing the negative information via the following steps.

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1. Dispute the negative information
You can dispute the derogatory information in your ChexSystems report via the following means;

Click Here to start your ChexSystems Dispute

Complete this form and fax it to: 602-659-2197

Complete this form and mail it to:
Chex Systems, Inc.
Attn: Consumer Relations
7805 Hudson Road, Suite 100
Woodbury, MN  55125

NOTE: Your fax or mail dispute must include:
Full name
Social Security number
Current and mailing address
Consumer ID number if available
The information being disputed and provide the reason for your dispute


2. Pay off your past-due debt
If your disputes don’t remove the derogatory information, you may want to contact the creditors from the reports to whom you owe a debt to and settle the debt. If you don’t have the full amount you can always request that you settle the debt for less than the full balance or set up a payment plan. Bringing your accounts current will go a long way toward resolving your past issues and help you increase your ChexSystems score.


3. Request Removal
Once paid off, you can contact the creditor reporting the derogatory information and request that they remove it from your ChexSystems report.


4. Wait
If all else fails you can wait it out. Derogatory information can only report for a period of 5 years on your ChexSystems report. So if you don’t have any success with the disputes and the creditor is not willing to remove the account you can simply wait and the account will drop off the report itself.