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“I appreciate all your efforts in improving my credit. After being denied for credit my whole life, with your help I was able to buy a house.  Keep up the great work.”

Victor S.

Houston, TX

“I didn’t really know what to expect when I started this process. But I have to say, you guys are REALLY GOOD at what you do. How you deleted that $13,000 collection for my timeshare, I have no idea. Keep up the good work.”

Andrew S.

Brooklyn, NY

“Happy to report that my Bankruptcy just came off… 3 years early!”

Deborah A.

Charlotte, NC

“WOW! 726 Credit Score My loan officer was blown away when he saw my credit. Just 6 months ago, my score was in the 560’s. I love the feeling of having great credit, people just treat you differently. I got my house, and it’s all thanks to you.”

Jose O.

Houston, TX

“27 negative accounts!! That’s how many accounts were deleted in the attached letter from Experian. l can’t believe you just did that. I feel 10 pounds lighter.”

Loretta C.

Chicago, IL

“Thank you for doing what Lexington Law couldn’t. I really appreciate you guys going above and beyond with helping me get my credit scores up. I finally bought a house and I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you so much!”

Maria M.

Las Vegas, NV

“Ever since my divorce, my credit score has plummeted. I was barely able to pay for my house because my ARM came due and couldn’t get it refinanced due to my credit.

With your help, I was able to increase my score, get refinanced, and save my home. I even had enough money left over every month to buy a BRAND NEW LEXUS!

Can’t wait for my ex-husband to see me in my new baby!!!
Thanks for all your hard work.”

Marie L.

Miami, FL

“Can I borrow your magic wand? You must have one, after removing the the late payments from my Capital One account and deleting $8,000 of collections. I finally have a CLEAN credit history!!! So seriously, can I borrow the magic wand? Please, I’ll give it back.”

Mark S.

Las Vegas, NV

“Thank you so much for helping Brenda. I really appreciate all you have done for her. I hope you realize how u impact people’s lives. I hope you and Brenda keep going on her credit and continue to raise her score and teaching her healthy spending habits! Keeping her on track! (Very important) Thanks again and Great Job!”

Sue M.

Loan Officer

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