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20 years of Credit Repair Experience

Credit Firm is a professional credit repair service with 25 years of experience helping consumers improve their credit scores, get approved for auto loans, mortgages, credit cards, and save money by qualifying for lower interest loans.

Credit Firm is a credit repair law firm with a physical office, where experienced credit consultants and attorneys are ready to review your credit, answer questions, and work on repairing your credit scores.

We have helped thousands of our clients improve their credit and achieve their financial goals.

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Our Services Include


  • Credit Bureau Challenges
  • Inquiry Challenges
  • Name Variance Challenges
  • Address Variance Challenges
  • Goodwill Interventions
  • Escalated Info Requests
  • Debt Validation
  • Cease and Desist Requests
  • Method of Verification Requests
  • Section 609 Requests
  • CFPB Investigations
  • and more…



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Complete our simple online enrollment form or Call Us at 800-750-1416 and enroll via phone with one of our Credit Repair Consultants who can answer any questions which you may have.


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Credit Report

After enrolling, you can forward a copy of your credit report to us.

If you do not have a credit report just let us know and we can get a free credit report for you ourselves.


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Credit Repair Process Begins

We work directly with all 3 credit bureaus as well as the credit furnishers and leverage consumer protection laws to remove as much derogatory information from your credit reports as possible.

We understand the credit industry – and we know how to use the law to your advantage.


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Peace of Mind

Unlike simple, one dimensional credit repair companies, understands that every credit report and financial situation is unique. This is why we provide a custom tailored credit repair program to fit your current situation, your needs, and your goals.

Repair Your Bad Credit Fast

Credit Firm’s professional credit repair service has helped thousands of clients improve their credit history and raise their credit scores by deleting derogatory accounts from their credit reports and increasing their credit scores.

With over 25 years of experience, a million deleted accounts, and thousands of satisfied clients, Credit Firm is the solution for bad credit.

Start our credit repair journey today and see the difference good credit makes.

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