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Innovis is the 4th largest credit bureau in the United States. Currently, a much smaller number of companies use Innovis for credit reporting, two being Trade Capital Company and another being the mortgage holder GMAC. Most sources of information about consumer credit do not mention Innovis even though Innovis is the 4th largest consumer data repository in the United States.

Innovis began as ACB Services – founded by Associated Credit Bureaus (ACB), in 1970. In 1989 ACB Services was purchased and renamed Consumers Credit Associates (CCA). First Data Corporation purchased CCA and renamed it Innovis, Inc. in 1997. Most recently, CBC Companies purchased Innovis, Inc. in 1999.



Credit Card companies buy lists of consumers who meet their lending criteria (Pre-Screened Offers) from the credit bureaus, and Innovis currently offers a service which helps these lenders CLEAN their lists prior to mailing pre-approved credit card offers. Therefore, any adverse information on a consumer’s Innovis credit file (accurate or not) can prevent them from getting pre-approved offers in the mail.

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You may obtain a copy of your Innovis Credit Report via the following means.

1. Phone: Call 1-800-540-2505

2. Mail: Complete the Credit Report Request Form and mail it to Innovis at the address provided below.

Attn: Consumer Assistance
P.O. Box 1689
Pittsburgh, PA 15230-1689

3. Online: Complete the Online Credit Report Request Form

Don’t ignore this credit bureau. Get your Innovis credit report.