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25 Years of Credit Repair Experience

Have you ever thought about outsourcing your credit repair back office / processing so that you could focus on acquiring more clients and increasing your revenue instead of worrying about sending letters and communicating with the credit furnishers and credit bureaus?


Let be your back office.

Earn more by doing what you do best, acquiring new credit repair customers and leave the processing to us.

With over 25 years of credit repair experience, we have the knowledge, tools, and manpower to get your clients the best possible results.

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Our Services Include

  • Credit Bureaus Investigations
  • Procedural Request Verification
  • Method of Verification
  • Permissible Purpose Verification
  • Inquiry Challenges
  • Personal Info Variance Challenges
  • Goodwill Intervention
  • Escalated info Requests
  • Debt Validation
  • Cease and Desist Orders
  • and more…

Flexible Pricing

Choose Your Level of Service


Unlimited Plan
$49.99 a month (per client) for unlimited letters.
The monthly per client fee makes sense if you are looking to do more than just disputing because that fee includes credit bureaus disputes, debt validation letters, method of verification requests, cease and desist orders, etc….All this for one low monthly fee.

Our monthly service fee goes down based on volume;
1-19 clients /mo : $49.99 /mo per client
20-49 clients /mo : $44.99 /mo per client50-99 clients /mo : $39.99 /mo per client
100-249 clients /mo : $34.99 /mo per client
250+ clients /mo : $29.99 /mo per client

Per Letter Plan
$10 per letter per client.
If you’re only looking to have us dispute and nothing more, the $10 per letter fee will be a better/cheaper option. If you just need us to send a debt validation request or a cease and desist order this option may be for you.

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We work for you. The client NEVER hears from us.

It’s YOUR credit repair company!

We’re your secret back office doing the processing, mailing the letters, and doing the updates so that you can focus on what you do best and make more money.



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Add Client

After completing the insertion order you will be able to add new clients along with any supporting documents, credit reports, instructions, and choose your plan (unlimited or per letter).

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Credit Repair Process Begins

We immediately start working on your clients case by leveraging consumer protection laws to remove derogatory accounts from their credit reports. Letters are usually sent out within 24-48 hours of receiving the client’s information and credit reports.


Cancel Anytime

Our goal is to simplify your job so that you can do as little as possible and get your clients the best possible results.

The market for credit repair is only growing and the need for credit repair companies is increasing year after year.

Why hire and train employees who call in sick, don’t show up on time, or start their own credit repair companies after working for you when you can hire the professionals at to be your back office.

Save time.
Save money.
Save resources.

We will NEVER contact your clients directly. ALL of the communication goes directly through YOU.
Your clients will NEVER know about us.

Our trained credit repair experts will handle the disputing, validating, etc… for you, while you spend your time on sales and marketing to make your numbers grow and make more money.



With’s Credit Repair Outsourcing you’ll get your own personal back office team to handle all of your credit repair so you can focus on marketing, customer acquisition, and customer retention get even more clients!

Using our back office for processing will allow you to scale as you grow and not worry about growing too big too fast.

Your clients will love our results and will refer their friends and family to you in no time.

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